Integrated Massage Therapy College

Welcome to The Integrated Massage Therapy College

Build a career in Massage therapy at Integrated Massage Therapy College, LLC with our massage 5-step program. You can enroll in just one program at a time or enroll in the whole 1300 hours with program 5.

Massage therapy is one of the fastest growing industries of our time, setting records by reaching high growth in a slow economy. The demand for professionally trained massage therapists continues to rise, according to The Bureau of Labor Statistics. Check it out and see for yourself!

At Integrated Massage Therapy College (IMTC) we offer a number of class options to fit everyone's life style. Students can enroll and complete the massage program in as little as 5 months or take up to 16 months to complete - you decide! We highly recommend meeting with one of our trained professional massage therapists/instructors to discuss your individual needs.