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Welcome to IMTC where Massage Makes Life Pleasant.
IMTC New Building - March-2013 - Outdoor Front


Build a career in Massage therapy at Integrated Massage Therapy College, LLC with our massage 5-step program. You can enroll in just one program at a time or enroll in the whole 1300 hours with program 5.

Massage therapy is one of the fastest growing industries of our time, setting records by reaching high growth in a slow economy. The demand for professionally trained massage therapists continues to rise, according to The Bureau of Labor Statistics. Check it out and see for yourself!

At Integrated Massage Therapy College (IMTC) we offer a number of class options to fit everyone's life style. Students can enroll and complete the massage program in as little as 5 months or take up to 16 months to complete - you decide! We highly recommend meeting with one of our trained professional massage therapists/instructors to discuss your individual needs.

As an active member of the massage industry, IMTC gives you the edge every professional wants and needs. We provide a career plan from the moment you enroll in our Programs 4 & 5 and our ongoing partnership with area Massage Clinics brings our students the best career placement the industry has to offer.

At IMTC we provide the latest massage training to ensure you will be successful. We offer support by providing program choices you can "build" and attend classes on a schedule that works for you.

IMTC offers financial aid to fit your budget. We offer a place for you to work and pay back your student loan if that is something you need to make your dream of being a massage therapist come true. Many of our graduates have chosen to work in our massage clinics once they completed their studies in massage therapy to pay their tuition. It is a program that can be applied for during your admissions interview. The following is an example of how it works:

A. Fill out application
B. Once accepted/Down Payment might apply
C. Attend School and Follow Rules
D. Once Complete/Start working in IMTC Owned Clinics
E. The school helps you meet the requirements
F. Have Weekly payment deducted from Pay Check

We at IMTC are proud to provide several ways to help you became a massage therapist so you can help others!

IMTC manages a massage clinic with active clients and a massage school covering all basics to the advanced classes in the massage field.

Our massage school has morning, evening and weekend classes to fit every persons schedule along with tuition that is affordable.

Here are few things that make our massage school so different.

  • Innovative massage techniques are always being used here at the massage school and clinic.
  • For the convenience of our students we offer massage classes in the Mornings, Evenings and Weekends.
  • IMTC is set up for you to experience a hands on massage training with the benefits of IMTC's Scholarship program.
  • New innovations taught nowhere else in the massage field. IMTC has set massage standards higher and broke new ground with financial options.

IMTC offers many benefits in the field of massage and at anytime you have questions please call us at 405-420-9516.

Books and Supplies

  • Required supplies are provided to students at no additional charge.
  • Books are not required, but are available along with a recommended book list.
  • A Training Folder containing curriculum and information will be given at the start of each program.

Thank you students & massage therapists for your kind interest in the professional massage field as one healer to another.