Your Massage Career Training Center offers Financial Aid.For most students the cost of education is going to be the one thing that will stop them from pursuing their goals. Here at Integrated Massage Therapy College we provide an excellent value by being one of the most affordable massage colleges. We offer a variety of financing options.

If you would like to seek out a financial aid option, please get in contact with our admissions team. They can provide you with more detailed and personalized information on receiving help with financing to attend Integrated Massage Therapy College.

Integrated Massage Therapy College in Edmond, OK

View our information page for incoming massage therapy students. Careers in massage therapy are growing. Contact us today if you have any questions or if you’re ready to apply to our college.

If you’re looking to receive a massage from one of our students, please view our pricing sheet and service menu then schedule an appointment with Integrated Massage Therapy College today.