At Integrated Massage Therapy College the Student Service Department is available to assist graduates with finding employment.

In May 2010 Integrated Massage Therapy College knew it had to DO something to insure steady, positive employment and that is when the first Designated Training Center – Elements Plus was added.  That went so well in March of 2011 a second location was added.

The purpose of Elements Plus is to bring employment to the students of Integrated Massage Therapy College.  With Elements Plus we have the direct opportunity to affect the life of each and every massage therapists in a positive way. By providing positive employment to massage therapists we are going to have a direct effect on each massage therapy client.  Clients see and feel the difference in our locations and it is simply due to the fact our environment allows therapists to listen to the needs of each client.

The massage school does not guarantee any of its graduates that they will become employed as a result of the training. Below are the different aspects of the school’s service:

  1. Massage Students will undergo a job placement entrance interview or orientation, with IMTC. This will introduce Career Service department and procedures to the student. At this time the student will complete a questionnaire regarding their job placement needs.
  2. IMTC will then begin contacting employers that the student list as companies of interest as well as companies within the same geographical area as the student zip code, as provided by the student during the initial placement interview process.
  3. IMTC will then post job openings and assist the student contacting prospective employers.
  4. Upon a student’s successful completion of the program, the school will give each graduate a list of potential employers that have requested to be on our school’s list.
  5. Job Placement Services consists of referring graduates of the school to potential employers who may or may not have immediate openings. It must be clearly understood that these referrals do not guarantee employment.
  6. Students accepts full responsibility for meeting the mental, physical and other requirements for passing any industry standards, or employer requirements for qualifying as employee in the massage industry. Generally, a student with a minimum of a high school diploma, in good health, both mentally and physically, drug-free, and clean record will meet most employer qualifications.