In our student clinic we strive to give our students the experience of a professional working clinic. As a massage client your experience will have some differences from your professional massage studios. Here is a list of differences to expect.

  • An instructor in a massage session: this can be at the request of the client/student or the instructor is needing to evaluate the student’s bodywork
  • Several students observing the massage session (with client permission)
  • You may hear lecture going on
  • You may hear people talking in the waiting room
  • You may hear chairs going across the floor very loudly
  • Students are at different stages of their education, so there will be techniques that some have not learned yet
  • Student requests are not permitted nor recommended – clinic hours are a national requirement of massage training and we must remain fair to all students
  • A new student might shadow an older student’s massage session
  • Your session may get moved to another student without notice

Choose from a number of massage styles.