Maybe you’ve thought about starting school to become a massage therapist but you’re not sure if it’s the right career field for you. Well, massage therapy is one of the fastest-growing careers and the field comes with a lot of perks. This is no boring office job. Massage therapy can be your way of life. Get your start at a certified massage therapy college then begin the journey to having the career of your dreams.

Massage Therapy School

To become a licensed massage therapist, you will need to first attend and graduate from a qualified institution. Going to massage therapy school is not like going to a standard 4-year institution. At most schools, like IMTC, you will be starting to work on clients right away. This way, you will get the experience first-hand with the support of your mentors. You’ll have the luxury of attending classes paired with training at our college so that you’re fully prepared to start working after graduation.

A Fast-Growing Field

It’s important to recognize that the massage therapy career field is growing rapidly. Getting a massage is gaining popularity for both people who see it as a luxury and those who are experiencing soreness or other medical issues. There are many different specializations to massage therapy and there are always clients for each one. The unemployment rate in the field is low, currently at 1.5%. This means that there are still some openings if you’re new to finding a career in the field, but most licensed massage therapists hold jobs.

Perks of Being a Massage Therapist

The massage therapy field is more exciting than you think. This is no ordinary job. You’ll love your job and the challenges that come with it. There are plenty of reasons to go to school for massage therapy in this day and age, here are just a few.

Job Security

There are many opportunities to be a massage therapist across the country. Relocating and finding a new massage spa to work at is simple. Not only are there multiple massage clinics in most towns, but there are other places you can work too. It’s your choice if you’d like to work as a massage therapist in a spa, at a nice hotel, at a health club, or even on a cruise ship. Or you can simply open up your own licensed practice and take clients on your own time.

Help Clients Feel Better

Some people face painful or uncomfortable muscle tension and aches and need the touch of a massage therapist to help them feel better. Other people find that getting a massage is a nice and relaxing way to pamper themself. In either circumstance, as a licensed massage therapist, you will be loosening up the client’s mind and body.

Grow Your Career

Massage therapists can actually find multiple job opportunities by learning more specialized massage techniques. Returning to a massage therapy college after working in the field for a little bit is recommended for those who would like to expand their career opportunities. Specializing and fine-tuning your skills will only guarantee you more clients and more income for the future.

These massage specializations are a great way to expand your client base once you are a licensed massage therapist. Sure, you can do all of this in one go, but it’s nice to know that you can get your basic massage license first, start working, and then go back to school part-time to learn some more specializations and expand your client book.

Integrated Massage Therapy College in Edmond

The teachers here at IMTC in Edmond, Oklahoma are ready to help new students get their licenses in massage therapy. Our school has researched all of the best methods of teaching massage therapy and we will help you every step of the way. We work with local massage therapy clinics and spas to try and get our graduates hired once they are licensed. Financial aid may be available to you, so find out before you apply to our school. If you’ve received partial training from another massage therapy institution, you may be able to transfer your credits so that you can graduate sooner. Contact us today to learn more or to start the admissions process.